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The Rewards for Justice Program was established by the 1984 Act to Combat International Terrorism,
Public Law 98-533. Under the Rewards Program, cooperating individuals and their immediate family members
may be eligible for relocation to the United States or elsewhere, and they are assured complete confidentiality.
Rewards, totaling millions of dollars, have been paid in dozens of cases. Innocent lives have been saved and
terrorists put behind bars.

Know the acts of War criminals, criminals agains the Humanity,  terrorists, provocators, corrupted Palestinian and extreme Islamic leaders,
know the faces and the facts, think, take conclusions and remember...

Dolfinarium Disco victims 
Natania's suicide bomber victims

  other victims of Arafat's terror 

Know the faces of these war criminals, criminals agains the Humanity,  terrorists, provocators, corrupted Palestinian and extreme Islamic leaders,
know the faces and the facts, think and remember...


The head of the Fatah organization in the West Bank, Marwan Al-Barghuthi, terrorist and provocator stated,
 "The Intifada should be continued and escalated." Al-Barghuthi even reorganized his Fatah 'Tanzim' armed men in Nablus into a new militia that in order to create the appearance that Fatah is not responsible for the continuation of the violence. Additionally, the PA released 60 Hamas and Islamic Jihad members, who may engage in terrorist acts that would then not be attributed to the PA.

Take a look at the "Stones"....

The field leadership of the Fatah also seeks to continue the use of violence. The October 9, 2000 Flyer No. 1 of the "United National Leadership of the Intifada," which was recently re-established, prepared the Palestinian public for a long-term confrontation: "The blessed Intifada is a strategic choice for the liberation of our lands from the Zionist occupation and it is not a temporary thing."
Al-Jazeera TV, (Qatar) October 11, 2000. ........

"Stones adiestration"

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The maddnes the cruelty

What is a woman's role in Islam? What are her rewards and punishments?

  Help Us Stop This Brutality 

This picture was sent to Dr. Homa Darabi from a woman in Iran.This picture was taken 20 days after she was lashed fifty times for being present at a family gathering where men other than her father and brother were present. Her crime? She is a single woman. It is forbidden for single women to be present under the same roof with men.

AMMAN - JORDAN _____________"JORDAN TIMES "  19 June 2001

Salt police are questioning two men who allegedly killed two
of their female relatives, including a pregnant woman, in separate
on Friday and Saturday ... .
. . .
Basma S., 23, received a 20-centimetre wound to her stomach with a
reportedly by her enraged cousin who then crushed her skull with a
brick... .

The man ...turned himself in to police claiming to have killed the
"in the name of the family's honour," ... .

...the victim was preparing to be married by her family to any bidder
in the
village, when someone informed her cousin that she was pregnant.

"The cousin became enraged and as soon as he saw Basma he stabbed her
stomach in a bid to excise the foetus, and when he could not, he
crushed her
skull with a stone," the source said.

... the victim was six-months pregnant with a baby boy.

The postmortem also indicated that the woman died as a result of broken

skull bones and internal bleeding.
. . .
The second murder involved a 35-year-old married woman who was shot
and killed by her brother ... .

The victim... received gunshot wounds to her head, neck and arm,
reportedly by her brother, while she was visiting her family, the
source said,
adding that the motive behind the murder was not established.

According to the source, the victim, who has been married for eight
and did not have any chidden, was divorced almost two years ago, but
recently returned to her husband.

On the evening of the incident ... the couple went to visit her family,
and her
husband left without her after a small talk with her brother.

"Five minutes later, the brother shot and killed his sister, then
turned himself
to police," the source said, adding that "so far, the suspect has given
motive for his murder."

The latest two murders bring the total of women killed reportedly in
murders, suicide and poisoning incidents in the Kingdom since the
... of June to seven.

Basma became the 10th woman reportedly murdered in the name of
"honour" in the Kingdom since the beginning of the year. She is the
victim of an "honour crime"... this month.

Arafat's strategy

By Charles Krauthammer, Jewish World Review,Oct. 23, 2000
Once again, the great sphinx looms over the Middle East. Yasser Arafat has everyone baffled. Yes, after Arafat started a war just weeks after being offered a generous peace, most Westerners awoke to reality. Even the New York Times's Thomas Friedman, searching as ever in Arafat for "statesmanship and real peaceful intentions," discovered that "Mr. Arafat, it's now clear, possesses neither." (This, on Day 16 of the killing.)......

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"The capture of three Israeli soldiers and a reserve colonel by Hezbollah last month has catapulted the Shi'ite Islamist movement to unprecedented heights of popularity in the Arab-Islamic world."
Nashralla ,Hezbollah leaderArafat, Ashaf-Fatah leaderBarghouti,Tansim (P.L.Osub-group)
"The recent flurry of high-level contacts between Hezbollah and senior Fatah officials (rather than the Fatah's representatives in Lebanon) would have been unimaginable two months ago".....


Attack weapons..... (The kiddy "stones")

 "Yasser Arafat commissioning an arms shipment stopped by the Israeli navy ,  the boat had made at least three previous voyages to the Gaza Strip to deliver weapons." (from the press)

These weapons are not "STONES", take a look to what they try to get into the Arafat's authority, but the Israeli Navy Forces capture at time the ship with this cargo, comming from Lebanon to the Gaza port. This is absulute not the first and not the only one, Israel know that 3 ships at least with this kind of cargo the Palestine authority already succesed get into the Territories.

Example of what the Palestinian authority dont published

Saturday, June 16, 2001

Palestinian gunmen kill Palestinian boy as Palestinian civilians try to stop him from shooting at IDF

 Palestinian gunmen kill Palestinian boy as Palestinian civilians try to stop
him from shooting at IDF

Aaron Lerner Date: 16 June 2001

Israel Radio reported this evening that a Palestinian Authority security
source advises that armed Palestinians shot dead a 12 year old Palestinian
boy in the Gaza Strip neighborhood of Tel Sultan, as local Palestinian
residents tried to stop them from shooting at an IDF position. The
Palestinian gunmen wounded another two Palestinian youth.

Israel Radio corespondent Avi Issacharov reports that the IDF say hundreds
of Palestinian youngsters threw rocks at IDF soldiers near Rafah-Yam. The
soldiers felt their lives were endangered and they shot at the legs of the
rioting mob. The Palestinians report six youths were lightly wounded.

 Historic FACTS

A Moslem Leader in the Service of the Nazis

Husseini's contribution to the Nazis war effort was more successful in his capacity as a Moslem leader. He recruited and organized Bosnian Muslim battalions in 1943, known as the Handjar (Sword), who were put into the Waffen-SS. They fought partisans in Bosnia, participated in the massacre of civilians there, and carried out police and security duties in Hungary. Husseini also helped boost the fighting morale of the Ostbattaillone.

Husseini's Support of the Final Solution

Husseini's men attended SS training courses and visited Sachsenhausen. At an early stage the mufti was aware of the extermination of the Jews and he tried to persuade the Axis to extend the extermination to North Africa and Palestine. He also repeatedly proprosed the Luftwaffe bomb Tel Aviv. When he found out that efforts were underway to save Jews by means of various barter arrangements, he did all he could to foil them.

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Hitler's Mein Kampf in East Jerusalem and PA Territories

With ever increasing frequency these evil stereotypes are finding their way into official government publications and school curriculum.

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The Koran & institutionalized anti-Semitism

The terrorist and provocator Ahmad Yasin

The Koran is a great, inspiring work that motivates millions of people worldwide to prayer, good deeds and self improvement.  Jews especially should recognize and appreciate the monotheism and service to the God of Abraham.  Many Jewish scholars recognize that Jewish mysticism developed in Babylonia (modern day Iraq) shares many points in common with Islamic mysticism.  Theoretically there are many shared values and ideals between Judaism and Islam.
The terrorist and provocator Nasralla

But in spite of the Koran being a holy, inspirational work, verses in the Koran and to some extent the Hadith-statements attributed to the Prophet Muhammad are being used for political purposes -- often by individuals and leaders who are not at all religious themselves.

Hizbulla terrorists

In the Europe of almost a century ago, the Christian New Testament was used to justify official government & institutional hatred and bigotry.  Today the Koran is being twisted to turn latent anti-Jewish religious feeling into incitement and hated.  With ever increasing frequency these evil stereotypes are finding their way into official government publications and school curriculum.
The terrorist and provocator Bin Laden

Unlike the Christian New Testament, where anti-Jewish feeling was sometimes tempered by the knowledge that its authors were Jews, the Koran abounds in explicit anti-Jewish sentiment and finds no filial connection with the Jewish people.

Hizbulla terrorist

The main leader of the Islamic fundamentalism

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Special Dispatch No. 222 - PA  May 30, 2001
Qaddoumi Calls for Terrorist Acts Against US Interests
Head of the political department in the PLO, Farouq Al-Qaddoumi called for attacks on American and European interests in the Middle East. Following are excerpts of his statement:

"The political discourse is now changing. We don't want speeches but rather acts. The masses have to translate this political discourse into action. [Let me be] loud and clear [the Arab] masses have already attacked the American ship in South Yemen and they have to act quickly to translate the political resolution into action. When we condemn - the masses should translate the condemnation into [acts] on the ground."

"Western states have to feel that their interests were damaged whether or not they are related to oil. The US and European states are directly responsible to apply pressure on Israel [in order to achieve] peace in the region after long years of occupation and empty talk... The pressure on Israel should be applied first through interests. Everything is doable. Had we decreased the oil production the European states and the US would have raged."

Calls to damage American interests were sounded by Fatah activists and hinted to by "Abu 'Alaa"

more information here:

Who Can Control the West Bank?
March 2001
by Pinhas Inbari

Pinhas Inbari is a veteran journalist and researcher covering Palestinian and Middle Eastern affairs. He is the author of several books, including The Palestinians between Terrorism and Statehood ( Sussex Academic press, Brighton, UK, 1996). He is the general director of The Arnold Neustadter Institute for Peace Implementation in Modi'in, Israel.

...."The "Tunisians" reacted to this development in two main spearheads. On the political level, they established a shadow Fatah structure led from Gaza by Habash. On the military level, they established competing, overlapping security organs to neutralize Rajoub's Preventive Security, most notably the General Intelligence apparatus, led by Amin al-Hindi and his deputy in the West Bank, Tawfiq Tirawi.

Jibril RajoubMarwan Barghouti
The first open clash between Rajoub and Arafat occurred in late September 1996. Rajoub, uninvited, entered a meeting of the security branches at the office of Gen. Hajj Ismail, the commander of the Palestinian forces in the West Bank, in Jericho and told the attendees: "You are all corrupt and Arafat's suckers." Tirawi and Ismail reported this to Arafat and a decision was made to oust Rajoub. In early October, Arafat ordered a senior member in Barghouti's Supreme Committee, Hussein al-Sheikh, to go from Ramallah to Jericho to replace Rajoub. Rajoub made it clear to Sheikh that he could come to Jericho only as corpse. Sheikh wisely backed down, telling Arafat that an "Israeli checkpoint" prevented him from going to Jericho to replace Rajoub"...


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The International Coalition for Missing Israeli Soldiers

Rewards for Justice
Three American hostages did not come back from Lebanon. Their agonizing captivity ended not in freedom, but in cold-blooded execution at the hands of their captors.

Know the faces of war criminals, criminals agains the Humanity,  terrorists, provocators, corrupted Palestinian and extreme Islamic leaders,
know the faces and the facts, think and remember...