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Know the faces and acts of these war criminals, terrorists, killers, provocators and corrupted liers Palestinian and extreme Islamic leaders, know the facts, think, take conclusions  and remember...

The Islamic Jihad: the Imperative of Holy War

"The Islamic Jihad is one of the most complex and dangerous of the Arab terrorist organizations, with cells in many Middle Eastern countries and, apparently, in Europe as well. These groups generally act on their own initiative without coordination, sometimes even within the same country. All these groups share a fundamentalist Islamic ideology which espouses holy war diihad) against the infidels, and which is under the powerful ideological-religious influence of the Islamic revolution in Iran. The Iranian regime and the Islamic Jihad groups collaborate closely at times. Some groups not only receive aid and guidance from Iran but also enjoy generous support from other Arab and Islamic countries such as Libya, Syria, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the Persian Gulf oil states. They also cooperate extensively with diverse Palestinian organizations. "

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Threat of Islamic Terrorism Egypt

"In the morning of November 17, 1997, when two busloads of foreign tourists arrived at the famous, more than 3,000-year-old, archaelogical monument, the three-storey temple of Queen Hatshepsut, on the river Nile in the southern Egyptian town of Luxor, the visitors were greeted with indiscriminate gunfire followed by a charge with knives. The fleeting assailants were pursued and challenged by securitymen. The whole incident resulted in 68 persons killed, most of whom were foreign tourists, and 24 seriously wounded.1 Leaflets left by the attackers indicated that they belonged to an extremist Islamic outfit calling itself al-Gamaa al-Islamiya (The Islamic Group)2 which, like other fanatic Islamic groupings active in Egypt, has been indulging in terrorist activities since the early 1990s, believing that it would lead to the fall of the non-theocratic, un-Islamic government of President Hosni Mubarak and the establishment of an Islamic state in Egypt."

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Alone against Islamic terror


Islamic terror spans the globe

"The bombings in Africa and the continued Islamic mayhem in Jammu and Kashmir remind us that peace- and freedom-loving communities of the world need to come together to fight a common battle against extremism and terrorism across the world. A crucial aspect of this battle will be to identify, hold responsible, and bring to justice the entities supporting these deadly forces."

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"There is an Islamic terrorism based on socio-religious perceptions. It may not include the whole Arab and Muslim world, but it perceives the terrorism it wages against the West as an integral part of its religion. The West in general and the USA in particular cannot ignore it and should therefore unite their efforts in an attempt to find different means of countering this kind of Islamic terrorism. "

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Grand Mufti of Jerusalem

One of the most prominent Arab leaders in Palestine and the Middle East. Some believe that Husseini's collaboration with the Germans was designed to obtain support for Arab national goals from a power that seemed to have good prospects for winning the war. Others link his sympathy for Nazi Germany to his enthusiasim for its anti-Jewish policies, particularly, the Final Solution. Some even perceive a general ideological affinity between totalitarian Fascist and Nazi theories and Islam, as conceived by Husseini.

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Know the faces and acts of these war criminals, terrorists, killers, provocators and corrupted liers Palestinian and extreme Islamic leaders, know the facts, think, take conclusions  and remember...

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