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Know the acts of War criminals, criminals agains the Humanity,  terrorists, provocators, corrupted assassins Palestinian and extreme Islamic leaders.

Know the faces and the facts, think, take conclusions and remember...

Those people lost their way
and found themself in
"Rammala". There with no
dissent (and even with some
encourage) from the
palestinian police, the people
there did a terrible "lynch"
(cold blood murder with
stones,windows,and sharp
items) on them, then they
drooped the dead bodies to
the mob that hit them in
madness, and the they
took one of the bodies and
bind it to a car that drove on the streets

Will GOD revenge their blood.

Two more suspects caught in reservists' lynching
By Arieh O'Sullivan

TEL AVIV (June 26) - The General Security Service yesterday announced it had arrested two more Palestinians suspected of lynching IDF reservists Cpl. Vadim Novesche and Sgt.-Maj. Yosef Avrahami in Ramallah last October 12.

One suspect was identified as Aziz Salah, 20, who had triumphantly displayed his blood-covered hands to the crowd below the window of the Ramallah police station, where the two reservists had been brought by Palestinian policemen after accidentally driving into Palestinian Authority territory.

Aided by IDF units from the Central Command, the GSS apprehended the two after lengthy surveillance, security sources said. Salah was captured in his village of Kafr Deir Jreer in the Binyamin area. He told his interrogators that he had gone to Ramallah the day of the lynching to participate in a demonstration, and had headed toward an IDF roadblock to attack its soldiers.

When he heard that two IDF reservists were being held at the local police station, Salah told his interrogators, he ran with the mob that broke into the station and personally strangled one of the soldiers as others beat him.

"When he saw that his hands were covered in blood, he went to the window and waved them at the mob in the yard," a statement from the Prime Minister's Office said.

The other man arrested was identified as Mahmoud Norah, an 18-year-old Tanzim activist and resident of the village of Mizrah Kabila, also near Ramallah, security sources said. He also confessed to participating in the lynching, saying he had broken into the police station and stabbed one of the soldiers.

Security sources did not say when the arrests had taken place or whether they took place in Palestinian-controlled areas.

So far, the GSS and the IDF have apprehended 15 Palestinians suspected of participating in the lynching. Most are Palestinian policemen, but some, like those arrested recently, are civilians.

"The GSS is continuing its efforts to locate and apprehend all those involved in the lynching in Ramallah. These efforts will not cease until the last participant is arrested," a government statement said.

The lynchings marked a tactical and emotional turning point in the conflict with the Palestinians for the IDF and many Israelis, who witnessed TV footage of the first Israelis to be murdered for simply entering Palestinian-controlled areas. The killings outraged the country and the government promised to track down the killers. The GSS and the IDF used the video footage of the lynching to identify the suspects. Following the lynchings, the IAF bombed Palestinian Police headquarters.



Know the acts of War criminals, criminals agains the Humanity,  terrorists, killers, provocators,
corrupted assassins Palestinian and extreme Arab Islamic leaders.
Know the faces and the facts, think, take conclusions and remember.....


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